Batchelor, a fine trumpeter who intriguingly blends Miles Davis's shrewd pacing and evocative long-note sounds with something of Harry Beckett's bubbly phrasing"
John Fordham The Guardian

"The final composition of the evening was a passage song by Joseph Jarman for his lifelong friend Lester Bowie. Chris Batchelor rose to the challenge of opening on solo trumpet for what was a flowing, elegiac, but ultimately life-affirming, celebration"
John Shore


Pigfoot: 21st Century Acid Trad - Village Life 131112VL

"Pigfoot’s debut album not only blows the cobwebs off eight favourites of the trad repertoire, it sandblasts away decades of treacly cliché."

Matthew Wright ★★★★★ 

"Oh deep joy; something completely different to refresh the jaded critic’s palette......Pigfoot don’t parody the music – they simply have the virtuosity to take it outside itself, somewhat precariously, and then bring it home safe."
Garry Booth Jazz Journal   ★★★★ 

"A set made up of 1920-30s rags,old swing tunes, blues and spirituals, this high quality live recording is invested with some of the music’s original spirit of rapture and sense of humour."
Selwyn Harris Jazzwise ★★★★ 

"There are few other bands who have mined the trad seam quite as radically or audaciously as Pigfoot who look at the music with a fresh eye and cast it into fabulous new shapes while still retaining the outlines of the originals. Above all they sound as if they’re having fun."
Ian Mann ★★★★ 

"Pieces as familiar as “Basin Street Blues”, “Petite Fleur” and “Jitterbug Waltz” are released from the weight of their various associations....You heard it here first – the new wave of trad is on."
Phillip Clark The Wire 


Big Air - Babel BDV 2880


“Big, indeed. Big ideas. Big tunes. Big sounds…a kind of transatlantic jazz supergroup” 
Kevin Le Gendre Echoes



“the kind of uninhibited yet articulate roar-up that only a group of this calibre could handle.”
Roger Thomas BBC Music Magazine


"vivid and funky and unbuttoned as a chimp on acid. All the musicians soar, the sound is fantastic, and the spirit is tangible." 

Chris Mays,



 “This is the best British jazz record for 20 years…funky, edgy, raw, polished, full of wry humour”
Brian Morton Jazz Journal


The tunes are all terrific, and they're explored with a shifting variation of mood that's never off the boil."
John Fordham The Guardian


“Big Air are a supergroup led by the Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry of UK jazz, Steve Buckley and Chris Batchelor” 
The Independent

“Dazzling, invigorating”
Ian Mann

“startlingly invigorating, ruggedly forthright and downright lovely”
The Scotsman


“one of the most engaging, exuberant and inventive albums of the year” 
Kenny Mathieson The List


“thrill down your spine stuff


“provocative, vital and rich in variety, as soft delicacy is dramatically juxtaposed with pulsating fury”
Al Brownlee City Life